BVAS Fails To Recognise Rivers State Gov, Nyesom Wike

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The Bimodal Voter Accreditation System, BVAS has failed to recognise the thumb print or face of Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike and his wife, Suzzet Wike as the Presiding Officer, Agatha Abiokun struggled to get them accredited.

Report said the INEC Presiding Officer at Wike polling unit had consistently pleaded with the governor and his wife for patient adding that he had requested for INEC engineer who will fix the problem.

Our reporter in Rivers state gathered that the unexpected development had caused some electorates with no option than to wait patiently and see how the problem will be fixed.

Reacting, Governor Wike said he was disappointed and added that INEC aught to have put all mechinary in order before commencing the poll.

“We are highly disappointed. INEC told us they were ready for the election and that BVAS are working.

“You can see the crowd here I don’t think that most people will be allowed to vote with slow working of the BVAS.

“I have stayed about 25 minutes here and I was told to go and come back that they will rectify the BVAS.

“We are highly disappointed. If a number of people are disenfranchised, what do you expect? People will lose their temper and anything could happen.

“INEC ought to have been completely ready before telling the people they are ready.

. There is no violence anywhere in the state,” the governor said.

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