First Lady Express Sorrow Over Kaduna Massacre

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From Our Correspondent

First Lady Oluremi Tinubu has expressed deep sorrow over the tragic incident in Tudun Biri village, Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The incident, reported as an erroneous bombing believed to be a drone strike by the Nigerian Army, resulted in devastating consequences, claiming the lives of 87 individuals and leaving 70 others injured, according to the Kaduna State Government.

In a heartfelt statement shared via her official handle, Mrs. Tinubu conveyed her profound sadness and extended sympathies to the affected families, Governor Uba Sani, and the entire populace of Kaduna State.

Specifically addressing the community of Tudun Biri Village, she expressed her empathy, stating, “I share in this grief with a motherly compassion that connects me to every household affected by this tragedy.”

Emphasizing their significance as cherished members of their community.

Mrs. Tinubu urged solidarity and mutual support during this trying period, emphasizing the need to draw strength from each other.

Acknowledging the immense pain felt by the families who lost their loved ones, she assured them of her prayers and support, stating, “The lives lost were more than mere statistics; they were sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers—cherished members of our tightly-knit community.”

Expressing her heartfelt sympathy for each grieving family, she concluded her by calling for collective love, compassion, and support for those affected, aiming to find solace and healing through unity in the face of this heartbreaking event.

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