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Cuddling or to cuddle for couples means holding and touching your husband or wife in a loving way with no intention of having sex but which sometimes leads to sex. The primary intention of cuddling is to show your partner that you love him or her but men especially usually turn it to sex. Men learn to intentionally cuddle only without turning it to sex. Thank you. Lol.

Cuddling can involve partial or complete body contact and it can be done in different positions: lying down, sitting down or standing up and it can be done in many places in the house like bedroom, sitting room, kitchen while cooking, bathroom, toilet or even outside the house in the supermarket etc.


1. Wife or husband lying on top of each other
*2. Head to head touch sitting down*
3. Belly to belly, face to face, lying down holding each other and touching each other
*4. Standing behind your wife or husband and wrapping your hands around them. This can be done anywhere in and outside the house, touching and talking to each other in a silent loving mode way*
5. Putting your hand across the shoulder of your wife or husband. As simple as this looks, it enhances intimacy between couples
*6. Lying down behind your partner and folding around him or her from the back wrapping your hand around them touching various parts of their body*
7. Sitting on your husband or wife’s laps in a loving way and the partner is holding you and touching you
*8. Putting your head on the laps of your wife or husband as he or she is sitting down and you are lying down*
9. Sitting down and putting your head on the chest of your wife or husband who is also sitting down, listening to their heart beats and you can also be touching them at the same time.
*10. Holding each other’s hands. Just that is cuddling and it can be reassuring for your partner*


*1. It increases intimacy, love and fondness between husband and wife*
2. It fosters empathy between couples, meaning we are in this together
*3. It shows reassurance and affirmation of your love for each other*
4. Couples that cuddle more often argue and fight less.
*5. Cuddling increases trust between couples*
6. Cuddling is a form of relaxation for couples and it allows for each other’s body exploration. It allows you to know more sexually sensitive areas of your partner’s body thereby enriching your sex life.
*7. It improves communication and closeness between couples*
8. It boosts overall health of husband and wife
*9. It can also improve the sex life of couples. In 16% of times,cuddling always leads to sex (kudos to men… Lol)*
10. Lastly, CUDDLING leads to a more lasting MARRIAGE.

*This article is written by Dr Adesida Adewumi. He is a consultant family physician also a specialist in family sexual health. You can reach me on 08068649694 (WhatsApp only). I am also present on all social media as @familydoctor_blog. On Facebook as @From inside my consulting room. Share this write up with family and friends and Follow me on all social media. Also endeavour to attend my seminar on CAUSE & CURE FOR ABUSIVE MARRIAGE coming up this Saturday 16th of December, 2023.*

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