Nigeria – Cote D’Ivoire Business Roundtable and Exhibition: Path to Mutual Economic Growth

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By Iyojo Ameh

The inaugural Nigeria – Côte d’Ivoire Business Roundtable and Exhibition commenced, is heralding a new chapter of collaborative strides and collective ambitions toward economic advancement for both countries.

With the theme “Synergy for Optimal Productivity,” the event aimed to navigate avenues for bolstering cooperation across diverse sectors, recognizing the immense dividends of a unified effort between Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire within the West African economic framework.

Local products on display

Ambassador Akinremi Bolaji one of the organizer, said, the driving force behind the roundtable, emphasized the urgent need for Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire to harmonize efforts for maximum productivity, stressing that the imperative of value addition, particularly in cashew and cocoa production, underscoring the importance of agencies working in tandem to prioritize value addition and curb exploitation of natural resources.

“Nigeria possesses untapped potential, and our goal is to elevate our capacities and industries, propelling us towards becoming a global industrial powerhouse,” Amb. Bolaji remarked optimistically, highlighting the necessity for capacity building and industrial development.

Some Nigerian made garments on display

The Ambassador also flagged the pressing need for ECOWAS to streamline regulations to facilitate seamless trade relations within the subregion, emphasizing the crucial role of coordinated efforts among various governmental departments.

Dr. Aderemi Ajibewa, in his keynote address, lauded the organizers and the federal government for orchestrating this maiden gathering aimed at fostering symbiotic relationships between the private sectors of Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire. He stressed the paramount importance of collaboration and outlined pivotal sectors such as trade facilitation, agricultural advancements, educational exchanges, and infrastructural development for bilateral cooperation.

Acknowledging inherent challenges, Dr. Ajibewa remained optimistic about the catalytic role of collaboration in surmounting obstacles and steering sustainable growth.

The accompanying exhibition served as a vibrant platform showcasing the diverse talents and capabilities of both nations, creating pathways for mutual growth through partnerships and knowledge exchange.

Dr. Ajibewa concluded with a clarion call for inclusive growth and societal responsibility, envisioning a future where the alliance between Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire sets a global benchmark for successful bilateral cooperation.

The inaugural Nigeria – Côte d’Ivoire Business Roundtable and Exhibition concluded on a resounding note, laying robust foundations for heightened collaboration, economic expansion, and shared prosperity between the two nations.

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