Speakership in 10th NASS, South East will Provide Block Votes – LP Member-Elect, Emeka Nnamani …Explains why they will not go against APC preferred candidates, Abbas & Kalu

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Ahead of the inauguration of the 1oth National Assembly in June, Hon. Emeka Nnamani, member-elect for Aba South/Aba North Federal Constituency of Abia State has assured that despite being elected under different political parties, the South East Geo-political zone will speak with one voice and provide block votes.

In an interview with journalists, Nnamani noted that having come from different political parties and background, people will ordinary think the 10th National Assembly is going to chaotic and dramatic but I’m assuring you is going to be interesting and the Legislature is not going to be rubber stamp and it will not loose its independence.

“The 10th Assembly is going to be quite interesting and intriguing because of the mixture of people from different parties and platforms that have arrived for the legislative business.

” Ironically, one would have expected a more chaotic setting but instead we have a people of likes-mind who came from different backgrounds and are willing to work with each other and we will not have an assembly that is rubber stamped with the way things are going at the moment”, he said.

He added that Dr. Tajudeen Abbas, APC preferred candidate is an insightful person who has the intellectual capacity to lead the 10th House of Representatives.

“Abbas is an interesting and sound minded gentleman and with the interaction we have had with him so far, I’m quite impressed with his level of insight.

“I believe he has the intellectual capacity to lead the 10th House of Representatives as he is a man of candour and a calm personality which is what we need at the moment”, he added.

Nnamani described Hon. Ben Kalu, APC preferred candidate for the Deputy Speaker as a sound minded person. He said they are good combination and they will be supported by lawmakers from South East zone.

We have all decided irrespective of party affiliation to give Abbas and Kalu the necessary support and to show the rest of the regions that for the first time those of us from the South East which have been noted in the past as having issues of not being together at all times have in fact changed the narrative and for the first time we shall be speaking with one voice”. Nnmani said.

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