Centre For Equity And Eradication Of Rural Poverty applauds senator Kalu for provision of Solar Street Lights to curb Rampant Crimes In Rural Areas.

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In the good old days when parents were alive to their parental responsibilities, they always urged their children to make sure they got home from wherever they had gone to in the day before light of the day would give way to darkness of the night. Many adults who had the privilege of passing through such strict parents, even up till now, have it as a guiding principle to get back home before it is dark.

The wisdom behind that parental instruction stemmed from the fact that experience had taught the parents to appreciate that most crimes are committed under the cover of darkness. That is why the Igbo say, ‘Abali di egwu’, meaning that night could be horrible.

Any community, be it urban or rural, that its streets are lighted up will surely enjoy an atmosphere of safety. Such sense of security has the capacity to translate to a healthy economic cum social life of the people. For instance, petty traders who, ordinarily in the absence of street lights would like to pack their wares before 6 pm in order to escape from the dangers associated with darkness, could stay up to 8 pm in their local markets before retiring to their respective homes. That alone is capable of increasing the internal revenue generation of the village or community.

Socially, collective community engagements would be boosted as a result of clarity of streets in the night. Village meetings could be held up to late in the evenings to address urgent issues that require urgent attention. Church activities would not be hampered because of fear of closing late and going home in the thickness of the night’s darkness.

Besides, the work of Members of Local Vigilante Groups in the Community is enhanced, made easier and also safer when the streets are properly lighted up.

Centre For Equity And Eradication Of Rural Poverty, therefore, wishes to commend the Senator representing Abia-North Senatorial District in the Senate, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, for appreciating the economic and social importance of Street Solar Lights for his constituents.

The news that he is lighting up Forty-eight Communities in Abia-North with a total of about Four Hundred and Seventy-Five Solar Street Lights is, by any consideration, quite impressive and encouraging. It is a very welcome development, especially when considered that this project is even the second phase.

Center For Equity And Eradication Of Rural Poverty urges the benefitting Communities to guard the installations jealously.

Sir Don Ubani; KSC, JP
Executive Director, Centre For Equity and Eradication of poverty.

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