Hon. Bose Rahila Urges Ongoing Recognition for Armed Forces Heroes and Urgent Action on Abductions in FCT

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By Iyojo Ameh

In a heartfelt address in commemoration of the 2024 Armed Forces Remembrance Day, Hon. Bose Rahila Adamu (BRA) passionately called for continuous acknowledgment and honoring of Nigeria’s Armed Forces heroes while they are alive.

Hon. BRA expressed the need for celebrating fallen heroes as an everyday event rather than just an annual ritual. She emphasized the importance of proactive recognition and rewards for the gallant soldiers currently safeguarding the nation amid escalating security challenges.

Expressing concern over recent tragic events, including the death of Nabeeha and the abduction of her sisters, BRA urged the government to take immediate action to ensure that the sacrifices of these heroes are duly rewarded during their lifetime.

Drawing inspiration from the United States Armed Forces, BRA proposed the adoption of a comprehensive system of awards, decorations, and compensation benefits to motivate Nigerian soldiers and their families. She underscored the necessity of tangible benefits such as paid vacation, housing support, and financial consultations to boost morale.

Addressing the tragic death of Nabeeha, BRA extended condolences to the grieving family and called for fervent prayers for the safe return of the other sisters and individuals in captivity.

“In difficult moments like this, I urge the nation to join in fervent prayers for the safe return of these girls. Let us hold the families close to our hearts in prayers,” she said.

Hon BRA also called on security agencies to intensify efforts in addressing the pressing matter of kidnappings and insecurity in the nation. She emphasized that the safety and swift return of the Al-Kadriyar sisters and others in captivity should be the paramount concern.

Hon. BRA also appealed to citizens to keep the family in prayers especially mothers, for her mental health as she grapple with the pain.
She concluded by expressing hope that the Almighty Allah would comfort the Al-Kadriyar family for their loss and bring the other children back home safely.

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