Nigerian Army Launches Investigation into Alleged Poor Feeding of Frontline Troops

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The Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja, has taken swift action in response to allegations of subpar food provision for frontline troops stationed in the North East Theatre of operations.

The announcement came from Brig.-Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, in a statement released on Tuesday in Abuja.

Nwachukwu underscored the significance of troop welfare, stating, “Under the current leadership of the Nigerian Army, the well-being of our troops is a top priority and a cornerstone of the COAS Command Philosophy aimed at bolstering the morale of our forces.”

Addressing the serious allegations, Nwachukwu affirmed, “The Nigerian army regards these allegations with utmost gravity, and the COAS has ordered an immediate inquiry into these complaints to establish their authenticity and the circumstances surrounding them.”

Assuring the public and army personnel of a thorough and impartial investigation, he further clarified, “While we acknowledge that isolated incidents of lapses may occur, we are unwavering in our commitment to address them head-on. An internal investigation is already underway to uncover the truth behind these claims.”

Nwachukwu stressed the Nigerian Army’s unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability, declaring, “Should any wrongdoing be identified, it will result in appropriate disciplinary action and immediate corrective measures to prevent any recurrence.”

He urged personnel to utilize established channels to voice their concerns or grievances concerning their food arrangements, emphasizing that the army is committed to promptly addressing valid complaints.

In addition, Nwachukwu reiterated the Nigerian Army’s resolute stance in combating insurgency and other security challenges. “We are resolutely dedicated to ensuring our troops are well-nourished, motivated, and equipped to safeguard our nation,” he affirmed.

The investigation aims to guarantee that frontline troops receive the necessary support and provisions essential for the effective execution of their duties. It reinforces the Nigerian Army’s ongoing commitment to fulfilling its mission and ensuring the well-being of its personnel.

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