Senator Iya Abbas Extends Heartfelt Christmas Wishes to Constituents …urges them to exemplify the spirit of the season

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By Iyojo Ameh

Senator Aminu Iya Abbas, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology representing Adamawa Central Senatorial District, has extended warm felicitations to the Christian community in Adamawa Central Senatorial District and the entire nation in commemoration of this Year’s Christmas.

Senator Abbas also urged all constituents to embrace and exemplify the spirit of the season – a time marked by love, goodwill, and unity among diverse ethnic groups.

While emphasizing the significance of giving, sharing, and fostering stronger bonds of brotherhood and neighborliness, the Senator highlighted the importance of recognizing the common threads that unite the people as one.

Despite the prevalent socio-economic and security challenges facing the nation, Senator Abbas encouraged everyone not to lose hope for a brighter future for Nigeria. He underscored the symbolism of Christmas as a beacon of hope and redemption, urging resilience in the face of adversity.

Senator Aminu Iya Abbas extended warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and expressing hopes for a more fulfilling New Year ahead for all citizens.

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