Tackle insecurity, provide good governance in Nasarawa –Opposition PDP urges Gov Sule

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By David Okpashi

NASARAWA State Chapter of the Opposition People’s Democratic party Wednesday appealed to governor Abdullahi Sule to secure safety for the citizens and residents of the state.

The appeal is coming on the heels of increasing scourge of kidnapping, banditry and other forms of criminalities in Nasarawa

They have also urged the APC government in the state to tackle striking poverty, hunger, inadequate infrastructures, human development, reduce politicking and address the shortfall in basic necessity in the state.

Speaking to Journalists in Karu Local government Area of the state, a group under the aegis of Concerned members the people’s Democratic party PDP alleged that bad governance and inability of the government in power to address the challenges confronting the state was largely responsible for the rise in insecurity and criminal activities in Nasarawa state.

According to the Leader of the group, Shuaibu Danladi, “Nasarawa state has been exposed to insecurity, home for criminals due to inability of the government to adequately tackle the security challenges bedeviling the state”

“Citizens and residents now live in fear in Nasarawa state because, the government has failed in it’s responsibility to provide enabling environment for the people to live peacefully, businesses to thrive. Why can’t we have increase in criminal activities when our state has become a breading ground for Children without parents.”, the group stated.

“Nasarawa, just like other states in the North -East, North-west, is one of the states in North – central Nigeria terrorised by bandits who raid villages, kill and abduct residents for ransome as well as burn homes after looting them.

The group who called on the APC government to turn away from politicking and provide good governance for the citizens, also appeal to the governor to channel more energy into the development of the state, increase the fight against insecurity in the state.

“We cannot continue to live in fear in our state when the government in power’s responsibility is to protect, provide and defend the citizenry has failed to fight Kidnapping which has become the order of the day with residents being kidnapped, killed, rubbed on daily basis”, the group lamented.

According to the PDP Concerned citizens, security agencies have no doubt been doing their best in fighting crimes in Nasarawa state, but we are worried that enough enabling environments are not created for the agencies to succeed in their responsibility of securing the state.

“Students, Senior citizens of the state have now become a target for ransome. Government owed it a duty to ensure the safety of lives of the residents. Governor Sule’ must wake up to the challenges of addressing the inadequacies in the areas of insecurity, infrastructures, poverty reduction in Nasarawa state.

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