Afrilabs seeks Partnership with government, stakeholders to unlock potentials in creative industry

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By Iyojo AMEH

Afrilabs, a Pan African innovation organization, is actively seeking partnerships with governments and other stakeholders to unlock the vast opportunities within Nigeria’s creative economy. This dynamic sector, which encompasses music, comedy, writing, fashion, and more, has the potential to generate billions of dollars annually and significantly contribute to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) while addressing youth unemployment.

At a forum called “Art Tech Lagos” in Lagos, stakeholders converged to explore the value chain opportunities within the creative economy.

Ann Ekeledo, the Executive Director of Afrilabs, emphasized Nigeria’s abundance of talent in various creative fields and highlighted Afrilabs’ goal of collaborating with critical stakeholders, including governments, to drive investments and commercialize the creative economy. This would allow creatives to maximize the benefits from their work and bolster the country’s GDP while creating numerous job opportunities for young people.

Panelists at the event

Ekeledo called for the government to recognize the creative economy’s importance and implement policies and regulations that support its growth. She stressed the need for measures such as intellectual property protection, infrastructure development, subsidies for filmmakers, and the creation of a marketplace for practitioners.

Dr. Itoro Emembolu, a Board Member of Afrilabs, urged creative practitioners to leverage each other’s expertise, enhance the quality and quantity of their work, and increase their online presence. She also emphasized the importance of indigenous social media platforms and the creation of local content to maximize revenue and royalties.

Kaffy with moderator

Obi Asika, a prominent reality TV Show Judge, emphasized the need for Nigerians and the government to value the nation’s creative and cultural works, including traditional festivals and films. He suggested that proper packaging and wider promotion, preferably through television, could unlock the potential of the billion-dollar creative industry. Asika encouraged TV stations to focus on creating content rather than selling airtime.

The event featured discussions by notable creative figures, such as Creative Director and Choreographer Kaffy and Efe Omorogbe, who explored value chain opportunities in the music industry.


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