Release of Bazoum’s Family Applauded by Nigeria’s Foreign Minister

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By Iyojo Ameh

Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Tuggar, has extended commendations for the release of former President Mohammad Bazoum’s wife and son from house arrest under the control of The National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland, the ruling military junta in Niger.

In a press release issued by Alkasim Abdulkadir, SA Media and Communications Strategy to the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Tuggar praised this action as a significant stride towards restoring stability not just within Niger but also across the wider region.

Acting as the Chairperson of the Mediation and Security Council, Ambassador Tuggar stressed the urgent need for the prompt release of Mohammed Bazoum from government confinement. He appealed to General Abdourahamane Tchiani’s administration to permit Bazoum’s departure to a third country, considering it a critical step to facilitate further discussions on the lifting of sanctions and the transition to constitutional governance.

Ambassador Tuggar underscored the pivotal nature of these measures in safeguarding the interests of the populace, fostering peace, and ensuring sustained stability, not only in Niger but also throughout the broader regional context.

The push for Mohammed Bazoum’s release forms part of a continuing effort to navigate the political landscape in Niger and foster an environment conducive to dialogue, governance, and peacekeeping initiatives in the region.

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