Tragedy as Attah Igala loses Sister, Niece in Nighttime Assault

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By Iyojo Ameh

The core of the Igala Kingdom woke up with the brutal news of the demise of Her Royal Highness, Chief Maimuna Opaluwa Ogwuche Akpa, also known as Iye Akwuma Odoo (Attah Igala Sister) and her grandchild.

The cruel some attack, involving the setting ablaze of the victims within the royal compound in Idah Local Government Area, has left the community reeling in shock and grief.

Chief Maimuna, known for her peaceful nature and compassion, was a beloved figure within the Igala Kingdom. The circumstances surrounding the attack remain murky, with additional members of the Attah Igala’s family reportedly sustaining injuries.

The identities of the assailants and their motives remain undisclosed, casting a pall of distress and confusion over the entire Igala Kingdom.

The tragic loss of Chief Maimuna has evoked widespread outrage and disbelief. Her untimely and violent passing has stirred profound sorrow, prompting inquiries into why such a non-threatening individual was targeted. This tragic event stands as a somber day in the annals of the Igala people, leaving a void within the royal family and unsettling sentiments across the Kingdom.

His Royal Majesty, the Attah Igala, has conveyed deep sorrow while urging for calm amidst the prevailing anguish and fury. He has pledged a comprehensive investigation to apprehend those responsible for this heinous act. Messages of condolences have flooded in from dignitaries, politicians, and citizens nationwide, offering solace to the royal family and the Igala Kingdom during this trying period.

With the ongoing investigation, the Igala community grapples with the aftermath of this appalling incident. Safeguarding the safety and stability of the royal family and the Kingdom stands as a paramount concern. Justice for Chief Maimuna and the other victims remains an imperative priority.

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