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Ugandan man sets Nigerian automobile dealers’ shop on fire in S’Africa



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By Iyojo Ameh

In a shocking incident that unfolded in Pretoria, South Africa, a series of high-end automobiles worth well over a million South African rands were reduced to ashes when a Ugandan man, reportedly fueled by a mission of revenge against his father, allegedly set fire to a workshop owned by Nigerian nationals involved in the automobile trade.

The spokesperson for Nigeria Union South Africa (NUSA), Habib Miller, officially confirmed this devastating event in a statement on Saturday, September 9, 2023. Miller revealed that the inferno had ravaged nine luxury cars and valuable vehicle parts, with an estimated total loss of a staggering one million, five hundred and fifty thousand rands (R1,550,000.00).

This harrowing incident transpired on the 5th day of September 2023, on Vom Hagen Street in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. According to Mr. Owolabi Gbadamosi, an associate of the affected business, the tragic sequence of events began with a call he received around 7 p.m. that fateful day.

Gbadamosi and his colleagues had concluded their workday at approximately 6 p.m. and had already departed for their respective homes within the province. Initially assuming the call was related to the occasional transformer explosions in the vicinity (usually caused by cable thieves), which had never caused significant damage to their shop, they soon realized the situation was dire as they approached the scene. The sight of flames signaled a major catastrophe.

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Upon reaching the business property individually, they discovered that the fire brigade was already battling the raging inferno, dissuading Mr. Tunji Balogun, another business partner, from attempting to salvage any of the vehicles due to the perilous conditions.

The root cause of this devastating arson was a simmering conflict between a Ugandan national, who had been subletting part of the property in question for seven years, and his own son.

The East African man had been operating an automobile spare parts business at the location for a significant period. About a year ago, he branched out and established a similar business in Atteridgeville, Pretoria. Consequently, he handed over the management of the motor vehicle components business on Vom Hagen Street to his son.

Eyewitnesses recalled that this decision was made because the Atteridgeville branch was generating satisfactory profits.

However, a month prior to the incident, the son borrowed twelve thousand rands (R12,000.00) from his girlfriend and conducted a transaction via his father’s bank account due to documentation challenges preventing him from setting up his own. When his father only transferred half of the money to him, the son became infuriated and questioned his father’s handling of the situation, arguing that he needed the full amount to reinvest in the business.

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Their dispute reached an impasse, leading the father to take legal action to reclaim the business from his son, given that he possessed all the necessary legal documents related to the enterprise.

Tensions escalated as the son refused to vacate the premises after receiving verbal notice from his father. Eventually, the father obtained a court order to enforce his son’s removal from the property and the surrounding businesses.

In the weeks leading up to the arson, the father and son’s feud became increasingly heated, with the son even attempting to physically harm his father, only to be restrained by mediators. The son ominously warned that this wouldn’t be the last time his father heard from him regarding the matter.

As the flames engulfed the business location, the father’s anguished cries were heard, repeatedly asserting that his son was the culprit behind the arson. Although it initially appeared that the primary target was his father’s portion of the business on the property, the blaze tragically escalated, consuming Mr. Owolabi and Co.’s businesses in its destructive path.

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Nasarawa APC tackles self acclaimed Tinubu Youths group, gives police Affairs minister clean bill of record



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By David Odama

Nasarawa APC Thursday tackled youth group they described as faceless group belong to president Bola Ahmed Tinubu support group who have been canvassing for the minister’s replacement.

This is even as they have risen in defence of the minister of police, Hajiya Imaan Suleiman-Ibrahim given her a clean bill of record.

The party during it’s meeting in Lafia rejected the call by the faceless group masquerading as Tinubu Youth Ambassador seeking for the replacement of the Minister

The State Working Committee (SWC) of the APC in a statement signed by the Nasarawa State Secretary of the party, Yaruis G. Dagusa, issued to City Post dismissed as malicious, allegations leveled against the minister by the group.

The SWC said in the statement that the Tinubu Youth Ambassador is only out to spread falsehood aimed at sowing discord within the APC.

While restating its confidence in the Minister, the party described Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim as a committed and dedicated member who is doing her best to see the APC succeed at both the state and national levels.

“Her relationship with the party is excellent. She has executed various empowerment programmes benefiting numerous underprivileged individuals across the state. Additionally, she has facilitated employment for many Nasarawa State indigenes in Federal institutions and agencies,” the party stated.

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The statement added “rather than paying heed to the call by the faceless Tinubu Youth Ambassador, that was only acting out of envy and malice, Hajiya Sulaiman-Ibrahim should be commended for ensuring that Nasarawa State receives its due share in the federation”.

The SWC therefore called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, party members, as well as the general public to disregard the false accusations laid against the Minister of State for Police Affairs by the group.

“The Tinubu Youth Ambassador lacks credibility and cannot speak for the party, as its existence is unknown at any level of our well structured party,” the statement added.

The party reaffirmed its firmed loyalty, support for the Minister saying that it would not be swayed by a baseless, malicious attack while also calling on the general public to disregard the attempt to tarnish the hard earned image of the minister.

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Rep Osonwa Commends Army For Addressing Harassment Of Motorists, Commuters Within His Constituency



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The member representing Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Ibe Okwara Osonwa has commended the Nigerian Army for addressing the issues of harassment, intimidation,
of motorists and commuters traversing highways within his constituency.

Chief Osonwa had on Sunday called on security agencies in Abia State to immediately halt the extortion, intimidation, and harassment of motorists and commuters traversing highways within his constituency.

In a statement he signed on Wednesday, Osonwa said information made available to him is that the “walkthrough check and harassment by the military has ceased”.

Osonwa applauded the Brigade Commander, 14 Brigade Nigeria Army, Brigadier General Olusola Diya for his swift response to end the “dehumanising checks”.

He said: “I have been updated that the walkthrough check and harassment by the military personnel in Ohafia and all the way through to Bende has ceased. I would want to use this opportunity to thank Brig. General Diya for his swift response, even yesterday when I called to tell him of a report I got about the checkpoint at the LGA Secetriate and placing a 3-Way call with a direct witness, he was swift to direct a stop of this dehumanising checks.

“While I understand their cautious approach, I do think that checks can be done in a more respectable manner considering where there has not been any recent provocation to warrant the act.

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“I again plead with our people to continue to maintain the atmosphere of peace that we enjoy and thank everyone else for their efforts to maintain this peace.”

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Business and Economy

Economy : Group urges Nigerians to resist all forms of protests



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Iyojo Ameh

The National Progressive Coalition (NPC)has appealed to Nigerians to resist any form of protest against the nation, saying that protesting was not the solution to current economic challenges.

Convener of NPC Mr Awwal Wakilli made the appeal at a news conference in Abuja on Tuesday.

Wakilli in a speech titled “Why we say no to protest ” said Nigeria as graint of Africa was a leading nation in the continent.

He said there was need for Nigerians to firmly believe and strongly support a united, stable and prosperous nation.

According to him, it is important for any group to reconsider the idea of protest and allow dialogue to settle the issues in the country amicably.

He said : “we acknowledge there are problems facing us as a nation, but we must deploy appropriate measures and means to address our issues.

“Every constituency in Nigeria has representatives from the wards, local governments,State Assemblies and the National Assembly.

“We must not lose hope and confidence in our representatives at various levels. ”

He urged Nigerians especially the youths should not allow miscreants to unleash mayhem at these trying times of the nation.

He said the previous protests was still fresh in the minds of Nigerians, following the wanton destruction, displacement and agony experienced.

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“Many properties and lives were lost, we must give peace a chance.

“Two wrongs, do not make a right it is worthy to note that , liberty without discipline leads to anarchy.

According to him, many develop countries who embarked on protest to vent their grievances got stocked without an exit strategy.

He said although Nigeria was experiencing challenges, he, however said the government was doing its very best to address the pressing issues.

“We must give our maximum understanding, cooperation, support and solidarity to promote good governance to consolidate our democrасу.

“We must engage and adopt appropriate approach that will promote peace, stability and prosperity.”

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