15 Medical Doctors Lose Lives in Lagos as Medical Guild Urges Urgent Action to Protect Healthcare Workers

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From Our Correspondent

The Medical Guild has raised an urgent alarm following the distressing loss of 15 doctors within a span of six months in Lagos State. Dr. Sa’eid Ahmad, Chairman of the Guild, made this concerning revelation during a press conference held in Lagos ahead of the Guild’s upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Scientific Conference.

Representing medical practitioners employed by the Lagos state government, the Medical Guild expressed deep concern over the strenuous conditions faced by its members. Dr. Ahmad highlighted the compounding effect of existing health issues, exacerbated by a shortage of manpower, leading to severe overwork among healthcare workers and resulting in multiple tragic deaths.

The recent unfortunate incident at General Hospital, Odan, which claimed the life of Dr. Vwaere Diaso due to a collapsed elevator, followed by the subsequent loss of additional colleagues, has intensified the Guild’s distress and called attention to the precarious situation.

Dr. Ahmad emphasized the critical need to prioritize the health and safety of healthcare workers, labeling them as the custodians entrusted with public health and safety.

In response to these dire circumstances, the Guild has drafted a comprehensive position paper, urging immediate government intervention to address the deteriorating conditions faced by healthcare professionals. This document aims to identify the root causes of welfare issues leading to a mass exodus and offers viable solutions across short, medium, and long-term categories.

Furthermore, Dr. Ahmad disclosed that the Guild, through its Social Welfare Office, has allocated N21.5 million toward promptly assisting sick members and supporting bereaved families during these challenging times.

Acknowledging recent government actions, Dr. Ahmad commended the resolution of stagnation and demotion issues among specialists, noting the financial implementation since August 2023.

In an effort to improve the living conditions of its members, the Guild has initiated housing mortgage and automobile facilities to alleviate commuting challenges.

Dr. Ahmad outlined a series of week-long activities including medical outreach and cancer awareness campaigns, stressing the potential benefits for health policymakers and stakeholders in shaping better healthcare policies in the the upcoming AGM and Scientific Conference.

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