Senator Sani Musa Urges Overhaul of Nigeria’s Security Architecture and Support for State Police

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By Iyojo Ameh

Senator Sani Musa, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, has called for a comprehensive revamp of Nigeria’s security apparatus to combat the rising challenges of crimes, banditry, and kidnappings.

Senator Musa emphasized the urgent need for the establishment of State Police and advocated for a substantial increase in recruitment efforts, accompanied by innovative intelligence gathering strategies. He asserted that the current security architecture is ineffective and urged the Federal Government to re-engineer the nation’s security framework.

Enumerating the critical role security plays in societal well-being, Senator Musa stressed the importance of a collective effort from all levels of government and citizens. He urged support for President Bola Tinubu, stating that Tinubu possesses the vision, capabilities, and institutional coherence required to steer Nigeria towards economic growth, security, and prosperity.

Addressing the issue of drug abuse, Senator Musa called for a serious national stance on the matter. He proposed incorporating the effects of drug abuse into school curriculums and addressing influential factors like family support, friends’ influence, and peer factors. Senator Musa underscored the connection between substance abuse and insecurity, emphasizing the need for positive parental attitudes and monitoring.

Expressing deep concern over the escalating insecurity in Nigeria, Senator Musa urged a structural redefinition of the state-building process. He called for the rebuilding of economic, political, and institutional power, highlighting the collapse of the local government system and the need for a balanced distribution of power.

Senator Sani Musa also called on leaders and citizens alike to support President Ahmed Bola Tinubu in the quest for renewed hope, asserting that Tinubu possesses the necessary qualities to guide Nigeria toward economic growth, security, and prosperity.

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